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Welcome. This is the home page for the gaithersburg-list, an email-based, community discussion forum. We want to encourage all persons with an interest in the community to subscribe. To do so, please first check out the mailing list background page and then just browse to the list subscription web page Fill out the form and click the "Subscribe" button. You will receive an email in your inbox shortly; follow the instructions in the email -- all you should have to do is reply. This step is to make sure that nobody can sign you up without you knowing. Then, your subscription request will be forwarded to the list administrators, who will add your address to the list manually. We may do some screening for appropriateness, but only in the interest of keeping the list within the community -- these days, mailing lists often have trouble with spammers joining up so they can use them for advertising :-( . Toward this end, please write a little note to us in the body of your subscription request, letting us know how you are connected to the community; telling us what street you live on for example. We're not nosy, we just want to keep the off-topic list traffic to a minimum. In most cases, we should be able to have you on the list within a day or so, but please give it as much as two or three days to account for the possibility that we're both swamped with other stuff. We will send you a message letting you know that you've been added.

If you decide to subscribe, again, please do read the information on the mailing list page, which covers list etiquette as well as documenting the mechanics of how to participate in the list


We have a new domain and mailing list processor! More updates are on the way...
Added a page with some streetscape pictures provided by Tom Patton.
Added the minutesof the 10/23/00 GHDC meeting. I'll be adding more recent minutes as I get caught up.
An archive of Mailing list is now available. If you've just joined, now you can catch up with what's been discussed already...! I don't yet have an automatic mechanism for maintaining the archive, so it will be updated only sporadically for a while.
Many small improvements and changes. Added a bunch of stuff on the traffic page regarding the traffic situation in the Chestnut-Meem area. Also, I've fixed things up many of the image links so that this page should work even better in text-based browsers such as Lynx or w3m.
Added a new page (also linked off the Traffic Page) containing a transcription of the notes that are contained on that huge image on proposed traffic calming measures. This one you can read without a 15 minute download, and actually see what is being proposed!
Many updates and corrections. Of note is a new page containing the source images used in making the charrette presentation. Thanks, Clark. Also, I finally got around to making the traffic speed page into an html table. You can find these all linked off the Traffic Page.
Well, it is probably jarringly obvious, but I just did a major overhaul on the web pages. They were getting kind of gnarly and more or less impossible to manage, so I imposed a little more organization. Hope y'all like it, and please let me know if you have any trouble with it.
Clark Wagner has kindly given us permission to post his PowerPoint presentation from the 7/10/00 charrette. These files are linked from the Traffic Page.
Quite a few people attended the City's follow-up charrette last night. If you were there, what did you think? Post your thoughts and opinions to the list! Also, if you have notes from the meeting, or if you are preparing a suggestion for the City, and you'd like to post them here, please let me know. Thanks!


We've started to to collect links some links external websites containing information useful to community residents. If you would like to suggest links for inclusion here, please let me know! If this list gets a little longer, I'll try to organize it a bit...


The Gaithersburg List has no direct connection to the Government of the City of Gaithersburg. This list is not sponsored, sanctioned, approved or, as far as we know, disapproved of by the Government of the City of Gaithersburg. This list and this web page are run completely as a voluntary effort by the list administrators.

Although the list administrators have made an effort to set guidelines that will substantially reduce the chance for offensive or harmful content, the fact is that this list IS NOT MODERATED. We have no ability and make no attempt to prevent people from posting inappropriate content. Thus, the list administrators cannot be held responsible for the content carried on this list. While we will, in certain circumstances, remove abusive posters from the list, this can be done only after the fact. List members subscribe only at their own risk that they may receive inappropriate messages.


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